[Guide] How to take your startup from seed to series A

This handbook helps startup founders take their business from seed to past series A. I wrote this guide based on my experience working closely with a YC founder, where I 6x’d the company’s annual recurring revenue, increasing the company’s headcount from 30 to over 100, and helped raise over $ 8 million. I made/observed a crapton of mistakes, so I’ve compiled my learnings below.

Here are the core lessons, which you can read in any order: 

About this guide

This guide was written by someone who helped grow an organization from 30 to 100 people. The data comes from three core experiences:

  • Directly helping the company raise over $8 million 
  • Working closely with a first-time startup CEO on organizational design, hiring, and culture
  • Building a growth marketing team department from scratch, and generating over $8 million in annual recurring revenue during the process

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