Writing is thinking. This website is a brain dump of ideas and concepts shared with family and friends, dedicated to clarifying and writing interesting ideas. More information on the approach here below.


Concepts are defined in simple plain English where possible. Because being able to explain makes ideas/concepts etc easier to be transferred from one person to another. And it also makes it easier to criticize bad ideas.

Keeping the language simple makes concepts and ideas easier to digest because it is a more compact form of data. If you can replace a longer word with a shorter one, that’s less data that needs to be stored in your working and long-term memory. Shorter, less succinct language is more difficult to store in working memory as well.


A key method here is to take a fallibilist approach: meaning as new information and criticism comes in, the concepts written will be revised and changed over time, and that ideas written will have different degrees of certainty based on the amount of information and evidence possible. And that no knowledge is really certain. However, as ideas get criticised, they get

Putting them together

When you put together simple language with a fallibilist approach, you get a sturdier knowledge base. Fallibility forces one to consider each sentence with its associated degree of certainty, while simplicity helps keep concepts clear and easy to criticize if they don’t have substance.