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When you die, there’s only a few things that get passed on. Your genes if you have kids, and the knowledge you’ve been able to accumulate.

This website is dedicated to the latter. Keeping everything open-sourced I figured would be useful for people who help correct me where I’m wrong, and maybe even be a bit useful to others.

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Should you care what people think about you?

Yes, you should care what people think about you. Popular media and cultural aphorisms advocate that you shouldn’t care, and this is very wrong. Here’s why. First, other people have important feedback mechanisms you shouldn’t ignore based on how they think of you. They see you through different eyes, which

First principles reasoning: upgrade your mental software and change your life

First principles reasoning tune the engines of progress more than any other mental tool. It’s a process used heavily in physics and recently popularised by innovators like Elon Musk and Reed Hastings. Now it’s so popular that it’s becoming misused. This post is dedicated to nailing down how first principles

How Startup CEOs actually think, and how to use it to your advantage

This post was written so that you can better understand how startup/scale-up CEOs typically think. Use this knowledge to help maneuver yourself in your career. If you’re a founder, use this guide to see if you have any large gaps that need to be closed. If you’re an investor, this

[Guide] How to take your startup from seed to series A

This handbook helps startup founders take their business from seed to past series A. I wrote this guide based on my experience working closely with a YC founder, where I 6x’d the company’s annual recurring revenue, increasing the company’s headcount from 30 to over 100, and helped raise over $

How to be a Father to a Son

The things you must do with your son Wrestle with him. Teach him to know the boundaries of his own body early. So he wields the power to use it but is confident not to hurt anyone by accident. Teach him to juggle. Mastery of coordination matters for physical activity.

Don’t miss these 9 things when implementing company values 

Values can create a lot of the culture of any organization, which ends up shaping most behavior, and behavior largely dictates how successful a company becomes. But first of all, let’s go in depth as to the most important reason why leaders don’t invest in thinking through company values. Aren’t

How to set goals that don’t make you miserable

Goals matter because they give you something to aim for. And you need something to aim for in order to make life worth living. Life is difficult no matter what, so you need to do things to make it worthwhile. But not all goals are equal. You have choices you

How to stay motivated and maintain your momentum

You know the phrase “humans are creatures of habit”? It’s true. But humans are creatures of momentum just as much. This means that progress begets more progress, and negative reinforcement begets more negative reinforcement. Said in a different way, when you’re pursuing your goals, you’re probably either making a lot